Our Board

MPAMOT will be led and held accountable by a diverse board with more than 100 years’ combined experience and collective track record in engineering, infrastructure development, investment, and sustainability.

Fiscal and operational governance oversight will form an integral part of our board responsibilities. This is to ensure we deliver excellent results and positive impact to our clients, our communities, and our team, while achieving positive returns.

We gain courage and insight through the support and collaboration from our partners.

Malani Padayachee-Saman

Executive member and CEO

Dr Dempsey Naidoo

Non-executive member

Our Team

The strength of MPAMOT is found in our more than 200 team members, who each bring unique skills, experience, and strengths that differentiate us in the industry. We also celebrate the significant achievements of our team, both men and women who shared this journey of growth and discovery with us.

Our early career professionals have been and will continue to be actively involved in the direction of MPAMOT and their rapid adoption of the latest technologic advancement, programmes and systems that will enhance operational efficiencies in this, the Fourth Industrial revolution.

10 Years Experience
0 +
Master Degrees
Graduate Degrees
B Tech