MPAMOT (Pty) Ltd and Artscope Ventures Ltd, Kenya unites to enhance engineering and development service offering in Kenya

MPAMOT (Pty) Ltd and Artscope Ventures Ltd, Kenya unites to enhance engineering and development service offering in Kenya.

Johannesburg, 8 September 2021

  • Malani Padayachee-Saman, chief executive officer of MPAMOT (Pty) Ltd, and Alexsandra Kokonya, chief executive officer of Artscope Ventures Ltd, announced the signing of a collaborative agreement between the two companies to enhance the engineering and development service offering to clients in Kenya.
    • MPAMOT (Pty) Ltd, as a 100% women-owned and led organisation, with a 24-year legacy of success in the built environment, is delighted to partner with Artscope Ventures, based in Kenya. With a team of nearly 200 professionals and specialists, MPAMOT offers services across four portfolios – energy, advisory, infrastructure and transportation.
    • Artscope Ventures Ltd has operated in Kenya since 2014 and provides mechanical and electrical engineering services, construction management as well as engineering design training in Kenya.
  • This partnership will pave the way for collaboration on a range of initiatives and projects and, thus, enable enhanced service offering to clients implementing infrastructure and development projects in Kenya.
  • As a signatory to the United Nations’ Women’s Empowerment Principles, MPAMOT values the role women and men play in structuring the future of Africa. In support of the women’s empowerment principles of the United Nations Global Compact office, and specifically Principle 5, to implement enterprise development that empowers women, this initiative is the first of many partnerships that MPAMOT will spearhead to enhance empowerment and development of women in engineering and development in Africa.

” MPAMOT is determined to make an impact locally and on the continent. The best way to do this is through collaborative and meaningful partnerships. We look forward to collaborating with Artscope Ventures in order to enhance impact in Kenya.”

Malani Padayachee-Saman,


” On behalf of Artscope Ventures, I would like to express how excited we are to work with MPAMOT. Energy, building services, roads and infrastructure. We will be happy to work on new innovative solutions.”

Alexsandra Kokonya,

CEO, Artscope Ventures Ltd

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